A wide variety of CFPC merchandise is available for your purchase, below. Please note that the product price displayed includes 13% HST. The shipping fee is also included in the product price. If there is a particular item that you would like to see in the store, or if you have any feedback on how we can improve your shopping experience, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us at [email protected].

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Roadside Safety Gift Set

$ 25.00

Roadside safety gift set includes a flashlight, pen, and tire gauge, and is displayed in a silver case with College logo etching. Stylish...

Silk Tie - Brown

$ 20.00

100% Silk tie embroidered with the College crest

"I Love My Family Doctor" T-Shir...

$ 5.00

Comfortable heavy cotton shirt made of 100% preshrunk jersey knit fabric. Designed with a 7/8 inch rib knit collar and taped neck and shoulders...

Stemless Wine Glasses (Pair)

$ 25.00

Ideal for entertaining, everyday enjoyment or gifting, this pair of sleek, stemless wine glasses, elegantly etched with the CFPC logo.

The Canadian Heritage Commemorative Book

$ 25.00

This commemorative book celebrates family medicine and the 60th anniversary of the College of Family Physicians of Canada as well as the 20th...

USB Flash Drive, Brown Leather

$ 20.00

2GB USB Flash Drive. Executive, brown leather with chrome accents. Elegantly embossed with the CFPC logo.

White Fleece Scarf

$ 15.00

Plush, winter-white polar fleece scarf stylishly imprinted with the College logo.

Blue Fleece Scarf

$ 15.00

Plush, blue polar fleece scarf elegantly imprinted with the College logo.

Charcoal Grey Fleece Scarf

$ 15.00

Velvety soft North End polar fleece scarf in charcoal grey with stitched CFPC shield and black piping.


$ 25.00

The Inukshuk, originally handcrafted in Canada, is a symbol of the noble acts of the Inuit people and represents cooperation, balance, and...